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Janet Fender Tuesday nights 6:15pm 7:15pm

Drop-in class     60 minutes per class     $14
5-class package (3-month expiration)     60 minutes per class     $60
Yoga Waiver
Yoga is a 5,000 year old discipline with a multitude of benefits. Benefits ranging from lowered blood pressure to increased flexibility to increased strength and stress reduction. Each person finds something unique to them. Some 2,500 years ago when the sage Patanjali separated it from religion he created a standalone discipline that became a way for us to cultivate the mind body connection.
Janet Fender is a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching for nearly a decade with wisdom and passion. She comes from a wellness background and derives much joy from the growth of her students. Her classes are alignment based with an emphasis on safety than on benefit and growth in your practice. She is schooled in modifications and use of props to help make asanas (postures) available to most students.

Each class includes Pranyama (breath), dharana (meditation) and asanas (postures) and ends with savasana. All classes are multi-level. The 5:30 PM class tends to be a more elementary class. Students work at their own pace. Style is a blend of hatha and some flow. You do not have to attend every week but it is encouraged.

Private lessons are available.
Janet Fender
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