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Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA)
DRA is a very common postpartum condition where there is a separation of your abdominal wall at a structure called the linea alba. However, this condition also affects men and women who haven?t had children. Traditionally, this is treated through various forms of therapeutic exercise. However, I?m here to talk about the way we have been treating and closing diastasis in just 3-4 visits using visceral manipulation techniques on the small intestine or more specifically, the jejunoileum.

What we have found through cadaver dissection is that all of the abdominal layers are connected to one another with no separation between them. The parietal peritoneum, or sack that most of our organs sit inside, makes up the innermost layer of this network. The mesenteric root and mesentery are parts of the small intestine that are just a thickened continuation of this innermost layer. They form the most posterior aspects of the peritoneum. Therefore, if there is a restriction anywhere along these structures, then those restrictions would in turn pull the anterior abdominal wall layers open and thus causing the DRA.

After 3-4 sessions of this specific form of gentle manual therapy, we are happy to report that we are closing DRAs. Not only are we closing them, but they are remaining stable. Leaving DRA untreated can contribute to low back, hip, pelvic, and abdominal pain, digestive issues like constipation or bloating, bulging belly, urinary leakage, poor pelvic alignment and posture, and pain with sex. Over 66% of women with DRA report some form of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Video of Treatment 1 on 9/28/2019 (38 minutes)

Video of Treatment 2 on 10/22/2019 (27 minutes)

Video of Treatment 3 on 11/12/2019 (25 minutes)

Video of Treatment 4 on 12/3/2019 (31 minutes)

Video of Treatment 5 on 12/31/2019 (20 minutes)

Video of Treatment 6 on 1/21/2020 (14 minutes)

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