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My name is Brandi Kirk and I am the founder and owner of Kirk Center for Healthy Living. We are a small physical therapy clinic, specializing in pelvic health for men and women and visceral manipulation techniques for men, women and children. We have been treating patients since 2006. The modalities that we use at the clinic are the techniques from The Barral Institute and the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. We are always looking to bring manual physical therapists onto our staff. We only treat pelvic and visceral conditions at our facility, so for those therapists who want to immerse themselves into this work, it is a great opportunity! You will receive an hour of one-on-one training with me every week to enhance your manual skills. If you do not have your Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification and you are interested in attaining it, I will provide assistance in your preparation for this certification. There are two of us currently preparing to take the visceral certification exam through The Barral Institute, so if this is an interest of yours, you will have assistance with this as well.

We have a spa-like clinic located on the eastern border of Lockport, and is easy to get to due to access to multiple expressways. I live on the north side of Glen Ellyn and my commute takes 30 minutes. We are located just off I-355 on 159th Street, at the first light on 159th Street west of I-355. We also work out of a facility on 95th Street in Oak Lawn, IL. At the Lockport site we have a very large gym/studio, which is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to instruct Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi classes at the facility. We have a reflexologist and massage therapist on site, as we make an effort to provide and promote comprehensive care for our patients. You would have the opportunity to observe surgeries with a few of our referring urogynecologists, and also assist with research. I'm faculty for The Barral Institute, which keeps me current on all of the techniques from The Barral Institute. I am also currently a teacher with the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and my teaching helps keep me current on all aspects of pelvic health. I have a lot to share with my staff including many opportunities to lab assist local Herman & Wallace courses.

We are looking for either part-time or full-time help. If you are interested I urge you to come and shadow us for a day to see if we can meet your expectations. I promise you that your manual skills will be enhanced to a level that you cannot fathom at this time. If you are interested please contact me at my email,, or my cell, 630-881-6332. You can also find more information about the facility at Thank you for your time.

Brandi Kirk, PT, BCB-PMD, PRPC
Founder and Owner of Kirk Center for Healthy Living
Founder and Owner of Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy
Faculty The Barral Institute
16618 W 159th Street, Suite 402, Lockport, IL 60441
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