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Patient Resources - Relaxation & Pain Relief
The Vagus Nerve with Ann - Part 1 Learn about the vagus nerve and how caring for it can improve health. Please note that these tips are to be practiced, they are not one and done! But with practice comes effectiveness!

The Vagus Nerve with Ann - Part 2 A few more ways to calm the body and improve your health!

The Vagus Nerve with Ann - Part 3 Calming the nervous system to help with healing and prevent disease

Diaphragmatic Breathing with Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Grounding with Lauren Grounding is a technique to assist you in decreasing stress. If there are moments where you feel that you have left your body due to emotions this will help you come back into your body. It leaves you feeling stable and calm. There are no side effects and anyone can and should do these techniques.

Brain Gym Activity Demo with Brandi Brandi is sharing 4 techniques from Brain Gym. These techniques assist in stimulating the brain (we could all use that right now) and they assist in shifting between activities. Some of these we have altered to assist in relaxing your nervous system and decreasing your pain levels.

Qigong Breath and Healing Phrase Meditation Qigong healing imagery meditation using an inhale/exhale or "box breath" and healing phrases that are active and positive. Remember to focus the phrases on what you *DO* want, not what you don't want. Research has shown that meditation, and specifically healing imagery or visualization meditations like this one, can lower levels of inflammation in the body. Lower levels of inflammation in the body can reduce pain and create a less inviting environment for illness.

Qigong Organ Color and Light Healing Visualization Qigong healing visualization meditation using color and light to purge the organs of noxious or stagnant qi. Very simply: "Qi" is the Chinese word for "life energy." "Gong" means "work." The function of the yin organs (liver, heart, spleen/pancreas, lungs, kidneys) is to produce, transform, regulate and store fundamental substances such as qi, blood, and body fluids. In general, yin organs are consider the internal organs and do not have empty cavities. (The yang organs (gallbladder, small intestines, stomach, large intestines, bladder) are mainly responsible for digesting food and transmitting nutrients to the body. Usually, yang organs are considered external organs and are organs with empty cavities.)

Using a Castor Oil Pack with Brandi Anyone would benefit from this, but if you are pregnant get permission from your MD and if you have chronic diarrhea this may not be the best technique for you. This treatment increases circulation, decreases inflammation and improves lymphatic health.

Self-Abdominal Massage with Lauren Anyone would benefit from this technique, but those suffer from digestive issues, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, insomnia, bloating or constipation will absolutely love this! If you like to use a certain type of oil on your skin, please have that available before starting the video.

Demonstration of Renee's dry brushing technique combined with lymphatic drainage techniques for lymph congestion and breast health

Myofascial Release Ball Self-Treatment Brandi shows how to utilize myofascial release balls to relieve areas of pain and tension. These techniques decrease pain, increase blood flow, increase range of motion, release trigger points or tender points and improve lymphatic drainage of an area. In the clinic, we would typically use a hands-on myofascial release technique to release your muscles or fascia. This is a way that you can do the same at home between sessions.

Ball Treatment with Renee An at home treatment using a myofascial release ball for pain or tightness at the low back, hip, or upper leg

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