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Patient Resources - Stretching
Vertical Foam Roller and Suboccipital Float for Neck Pain with Renee Start with a vertical foam roller routine to open the chest and mobilize the spine. Follow up with a Suboccipital Float or unweighting the head on a partially inflated mini-stability ball to allow some of the big neck and upper back muscles to relax. This routine can help with neck pain, TMJ pain, upper back pain, and headaches. Neck pain, headaches, and TMJ dysfunction often go hand-in-hand with pelvic pain. You will need a low density foam roller 36" x 6" and a partially inflated stability ball for the suboccipital float to do this routine.

Wall Stretches with Renee Wall stretches for pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction with Renee. Can be done with & without a yoga bolster. To do these stretches you must comfortably be able to get down to the floor and get up again.

Strap Stretches with Renee Strap stretches for pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction with Renee. To do these stretches, you need a yoga strap, belt, scarf.

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