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To ALL our patients over the age of 12:
Unfortunately, due to my ever-evolving desire to keep all my patients as safe as I possibly can, and the concerning Delta variant (and others likely to follow), I have decided to close Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy and Kirk Center for Healthy Living to unvaccinated patients. This requirement will begin October 1, 2021. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes but I believe that this is the unfortunate reality we are faced with today.

If you have been vaccinated, to provide proof of vaccination, you can either take a picture of your card and email it to Beth ( or Rob (, or you can bring your vaccination card in with you at your next session. We will need a verification of vaccination before you can be seen again. If we do not have this verification by the time you arrive for your next appointment, we will not be able to see you and there will be a missed appointment charge. Please do not do this. It does not feel good when we have to charge someone for a missed appointment. If someone will be entering the building with you, we will need a copy of their vaccination card as well. Based on a recent randomized control trial (research), you will need to wear a surgical mask or higher quality mask to enter the building. No cloth masks will be accepted. If you do not have a surgical mask, we will provide one for you. Click here to read the research about mask quality.

If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, and do not intend to get vaccinated, please contact us and let us know to cancel your remaining appointments. You can do this via email or phone. If you do not cancel your next appointment, you will be charged the full amount for a no show. Please do not do this, as it does not feel good to charge you for a missed appointment. We truly care about all of our patients, so we want you to get the treatment you need. Thus, we put together a list of practitioners who have been trained in some of the techniques that we specialize in. We have checked with these practitioners and, at this time, their facility is not requiring vaccinations. This may change over time, so please ask them when you call to set up your appointment. When we finally get out of this pandemic, you will be more than welcome to return if you are still having issues. We do trust the list of practitioners that we put together and we believe you will continue to receive great care:
  1. Kendra Erven, 7 Blanchard Circle Lower level A, Wheaton IL, 630-933-2230 (treats men and women/visceral manipulation/internal vaginal and rectal)
  2. Kristen Richard, ARC Physical Therapy, 13500 S Circle Dr Orland Park IL, 708-403-8146 (treats men and women/visceral manipulation/internal vaginal and rectal)
  3. Avis Leung, 621 Plainfield Road Ste 105 Willowbrook IL, 630-828-3824 (treats women only/visceral manipulation/internal vaginal and rectal/back specialist)
  4. Barbora Vystejnova, 640 S Washington Naperville IL, 630-967-2000 (treats women only/visceral manipulation/internal vaginal and rectal)
  5. vSrivani Swaminathan, Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, 1000 N West Moreland Road Pavilion B Level 2 Lake Forest IL, 847-535-6430
  6. Lisa Schwarz, CDH Outpatient, 25N Winfield Rd Suite 506 Winfield IL, 630-933-1500
If you intend to get vaccinated in the near future, you can certainly only cancel your next few appointments, as long as your next scheduled appointment is at least 2 weeks from your first shot, if Moderna or Pfizer, or 2 weeks from your J&J shot. Your vaccination card will help us determine this timeline.

It has been an honor to treat you and I am very sad that I need to make this decision, but as the owner of this facility, it is my responsibility to keep everyone who enters my building as safe and comfortable as I can. Please know that this decision was not made lightly. We wish you health and happiness.

Thank you all for your understanding.
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